Nolan Jackson, EvanAL and NewYorkBrass….

Last year we recorded Lipa Shmeltzer’a “A Pushiter Yid” album. One of the songs is called “Asher yotzar” and has become a huge hit better known as “Binyan Aday AD”. This song was produced by Eli (Ilya) Lishinsky who has under his belt (among other things) a platinum album with Mary J Blige. For those of you who don’t know Lipa is considerered the Jewish Michael Jackson. (Yes I know Michael is dead, but can u think of anyone else?  “He is the Jay Z of the Jewish world” Doesnt sound the same now does it… And anyway Michael is no longer recording brass… lol…)

A clip of the original is here : Scroll down the the “A Poshter Yid(2008) album its the 5th song from the top… Listen to the other brass clips on that album… Incidentally, I have played on every single album he has produced and Lipa says that I might be a good luck charm…

A few days ago our Tony Gorruso, Ron Bertolet and Shlomi  Cohen were called in to play a gig in brooklyn… This is what transpired….

Soundman Nolan Jackson who is an extremely talented sound engineer got a hold of the microphone and performed a craaaazy take on the song…. Listen to Tony belting out the hook about a minute into the song… crazy stuff…

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