Ring ring … Hello? Pomegranate?

We had a great time back in December recording the brass used in the commercial for the Brooklyn-based supermarket chain Pomegranate. (See below). Notable composer Yossi Green authored the basic track, Eli Lishinsky (platinum producer – Mary J Blige) arranged it in MIDI, and then it was shipped to Yours Truly at Newyorkbrass.com for final brass arrangement before laying down the vocals.

You know how you catch yourself humming and/or outright singing jingles and songs from TV and radio as you go about your day? This is something I do all the time,  usually with client songs :) … and yesterday I realized that the Pomegranate jingle has been the looping in my head for the past few months…

Here’s the portion without the vocals that I’ve been humming to myself:

Pomegranate NewYorkBrass Ringtone.mp3

It IS a great cell phone ring, right?!  Producer Eli Lishinsky thinks so too. And so does Tony Gorruso the trumpet player on this track…
I hope this won’t bust the bandwidth … but please feel free to download and use this clip as a ring tone, or just for something fun to hum throughout your day.
To download, right-click on the link and choose “save as” from the drop down menu. Right-Click and use “Save-as…” (On a Mac the option to download is in the menu).
I wonder if I can ring-tone-ize more songs … or wait is it ring-O-tize?

The actual jingle appears here, and the brass loop appears at :57

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