Amazing V-Drums on our new Flickr account

We decided to put up a flickr photostream to track interesting things we are involved in.

To kick it off, the first set is Gal Gershovsky’s upgraded Roland VDrum kit – the latest and greatest, souped up cymbals and great overall sound.

some pics:


In the heat of the recording:

A view  from above

About the recording

It has been quite a surprize for us to note how much interest we get from people who want to humanize their tracks over the internet for reasonable prices. The sound is almost “direct to mix”.

Gal’s latest overdub (and our live brass – featureing Kenndy Rampton on trumpets and Danny Flam on Trombones) managed to propel Dons to second place in Latvian Eurovision contest . Song was produced by Zigmars Liepins with Janis Liepins and Nikita Kellermans.

Here is Overdubbed (MONO TV) version:


The original demo song is here:

See a discussion here:

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5 Responses to “Amazing V-Drums on our new Flickr account”

  1. newyorkbrass says:

    Thank you so much for the compliment Ms. Hill.

  2. Janet Hill says:

    I know it’s a little old but I found your post very informative.

  3. […] is a folow up post to the article on Gal’s V Drums . After many emails I am posting a demo of his latest rock and rock shuffle demo […]

  4. newyorkbrass says:

    Zigmars is a composer and keyboardist with 40 years of stage experience. Between 1993-2007 he was bigest radio owner in Latvia and owned 3 national networks. One month before sub-prime crisis in US in 2007 he sold his business to Irish company (In his words “do you believe in God?”)

  5. Hi!

    All this is finally behind! Best part was colaboration with YOU! Awesome!

    Tv picture is unbelievable poor and don’t reflect truth.
    You never believe me. Loosing, I saved money. Oslo is most expensve city in a world. Simple double in midclass hotel is around 400 usd per night. For 2 weeks with teem of 12….!!!!

    Anyway couple of nice words:
    Awesome job! When song was released, every musician asked me “Who play drums and brass? We hear -it is not sampler. Who in Latvia can play like this?”, and I proudly said :-) , be smart use WWW and musical surprise will be next day!!! . Cooperation with you and Gal is one of my best musical experience .

    I’m traveling a lot. After all this eurofiction, me and my wife went on long vacation, and now I’m working on my next project.