New Two-Year-Old Brass Talent

About a year ago my (then) two year old daughter Maya came to the studio and decided to try out the trombone, sorry trumpet (“No Maya, It’s a trumpet” “yes trumpet”) .

I was shure she wont get any sound out of this, I was wrong, she has a natural talent for waking up the neighbors and reducing the real estate prices in the neighborhood. Apparantly, in the video, she suddenly decided to betray the family-business, and try the flute… to my great chagrin…

I videod it with my phone and forgot about it. Last week my memory card in my phone got filled up, and during the cleaning-up process, I found this cute clip:

Maybe at four years old she will play like Tycho Usberti?


3 Responses to “New Two-Year-Old Brass Talent”

  1. Zigmars says:

    We worked together on song “My Religion is Freedom”
    Awesome! When song was relised, every musician asked me “Who play drums and brass? We hear -it is not sampler. Who in Latvia can play like this?”, and I proudly said :-) , be smart, use WWW and musical surprise will be at next day!!! . Cooperation whith Daniel and Gal is one of my best musical experience .

  2. newyorkbrass says:

    I added the plugin and links above in the “share and enjoy”

  3. Estelle Azzopardi says:

    I absolutely enjoyed all of your instructions. I would love to thank you for getting the time to write this blog. But I just have one question; do you have an RSS Feed I can subscribe to? Please let me know. Thanks a lot.