TheDocBongo records at Brown Sugar Studios

Blue and I watching something on screen

The Doc Bongo is recording a really great new album at Brown Sugar Studios in mid-town Manhattan. Here are some really nice pictures of the studio as we were preparing the tracks for brass overdubs…

Blue and Walt

Here is Blue Tha Engineer with yours truely at Protools HD  mixing board as we prepared the tracks:

Blue and Danny

This studio has one of the sweetest sounds I know, Walter invested many hours of thought in creating a very nartural sounding recording room. The vocal booth on the left allows to record a full rhythm section live, whilst (I always wanted to say whilst) maintaining full isolation of singer. The recording room has each wall coated with a different material. The effect makes the recorded results sound open and unforced, as if you are recording in a top of the line hall, such as Lincoln Center, but hey! This is a top of the line studio!  As a matter of fact, we recorded some incredible tracks here for Willy Bo Walker‘s up and coming albom “Moon Over Indigo”. The studio always feels like home.  As we were preparing the brass tracks, Walter was presiding over the drums, getting ready for next day’s session:


As I mentioned before the studio is located in midtown Manhattan, NY on 315 W. 39th st:

Entrance to building

Here is a link Recent video of Brown Sugar Studion on MTV

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