Comet Heartly 2 as seen by NASA's Epoxi probe

"Bone" like Comet Heartly 2 as seen by NASA's Epoxi probe

NASA’s EPOXI mission successfully flew by comet Hartley 2 at about 10 a.m. EDT) today, and the spacecraft has begun returning images. Hartley 2 is the fifth comet nucleus visited by a spacecraft, which is pretty darn cool. My friend Adam Dichter, who dabbles in sax playing, when he is not reporting news, pointed out that the comet Heartly 2 really looks like a big “bone”.  That this is a huge spinning space iceberg, about 1.4 miles (2.2 Km) long and weighs in at about 280 million metric tons.  It is about About 4.6 billion kilometers (2.9 billion miles)  away. Wow billion and billions of miles away and you still can’t get away from a bone player…

One Response to “BRASS IN SPACE…..”

  1. Mervin says:

    It’s a very “Stanley Kubrick” type bone. Very 2001, you know?