A 1924 Surprize

I was browsing Ebay and saw this 1924 Conn trumpet selling for $125.

On EBay it looked like this:

1924 Conn 24B by NewYorkBrass, on Flickr

Since I was looking to have a horn with the “old-school” sound, it was a no brainer for the price…  After cleaning and considerable mechanical work it looks like this:

Conn 24B or 22B by NewYorkBrass, on Flickr

At the time the Conn Company was the leading company in making high end trumpets. (FYI: “High End” means sounds good and looks good.) This trumpet has an advanced valve system that was removed after the great depression. The Conn Company would make hundreds of trumpets, and the ones they thought had a special tone would be set aside for special treatment. This one had 24 carat gold plate trim and a gold wash inside the bell. They sold for $2500-$3000 which at the time, was comparable to the price of a car. This is where curious minds should go for more information about Conn instruments to The Conn Loyalist website. A brief history of is also available here.

So how does it sound? See http://blog.newyorkbrass.com/2010/11/04/oh-maya-girl-a-1924-suprize-from-ebay/

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