Monday at the Daptone Works

I am happy to be back in my favorite city after wrapping up this summer’s fantastic concert series with the Israeli Philharmonic.

First stop – Coney Island with KidWonder! We made a pit stop at Daptone Records to deliver the goods on Wily Bo Walker’s brilliantly original song (see below) Drive. KidWonder was (mostly) quiet during our short visit.  I gave her my Cannon S90 to play with and she happily channeled Annie Leibovitz saying “OK now let’s hold that pose aaaaaaaand … good”  So cute. KidWonder takes photos while I talk to Nydia at Daptone Records

Nydia of Brooklyn's Daptone Records as seen by KidWonder

This morning however, I was randomly thumbing through the Coney Island shots and I did a comical double-take when I arrived at the start of yesterday’s photo set. Looks like L’il Leibovitz wasn’t pretending at all.

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