Has anybody seen the TV remote? It’s important.

This year my work is featured in four of Kanye West’s Grammy nominations. Getting everything squared away with the Recording Academy’s (i.e. Grammy) Member Services has been an odyssey to say the least, but the paperwork itself feels like an accolade.
I hear this year’s show is going to have a host – LL Cool J – which is something the powers have opted out of for a while. I think the broadcast could use some personality; naturally, the job goes to a New Yorker. :-)
Now to find the remote for the TV …
The 54th Grammy's

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3 Responses to “Has anybody seen the TV remote? It’s important.”

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  2. There is only one TV remote that is awesome: TiVo.

    I loved that remote when we had a TiVo, but now we use a local cable provider’s DVR and its remote is fail :/