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Consoul Big Band is Going Live!

Sunday, June 5th, 2016


Stay tuned for a schedule of our performances in a venue near you!!!

Consoul rehearsal June 1 2016 004

Listen to our tracks on soundcloud:

Listen to our live Video Game Music / Chiptune Covers

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Lately I started covering VGM (Video Game Music), as I love gaming and i love the music so 1+1=10!! We are having a lot of fun doing it and open to feedback regrading what tunes to cover next! Please feel free to drop us a line on twitter, facebook or soundcloud!!

Winner announced in contest

Friday, January 15th, 2016

First off – congrats to winners! Amazing work all around!

The winners:

Everyone else was up there and it took a lot of deliberation to conclude who is the winner! Thank you for participating – hope to see you again soon!


Sunday, September 27th, 2015


As you already know – our squad has recorded brass with the best. Kanye, Jay Z, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, Queen Latifah , Andreas Gabalier, Wily Bo Walker, TV shows, many many other indie artists. This is your chance to show us what you can do with our brass track!

What we have here is a naked live brass fanfare, with no backing track. The original BPM is 105.

Click on image to go to soundcloud page and download the file.

Anything goes – be creative – Speed it up, Slow it down, RAP to it, Trap it, make it reggae or EDM or hip-hop or classical, add lyrics, mash it up or down, chop slide and dice.
Example Remix:

Prize: $150. and a trombone. We will also actively promote it on the web, and shop it around to our major clients/producers worldwide.


  • Tracks are due by end of day Dec, 1st, 2015 EST.
  • At end of mix contest all the remixes will be ranked based on listens on (non-fake listens. We can detect proxies, and cheaters will be disqualified).
  • We guarantee that we will listen the top 50 tracks.
  • We will determine the winner at our discretion.

Copyright, ownership etc: Anything (including lyrics) submitted (including source stems) would be considered a new composition and will be 55% owned by our record label, and 45% by the composer/mixer.
The tracks will be considered published by our record Label, and copyright for winning track will be registered with organizations such as Library of congress and BMI and/or others . We will also actively promote it on the web, and shop it around to our major clients/producers worldwide.

By submitting to the contest the submitter and/or composer agree to a 5 year non-re-record/non-compete agreement of any part of composition (including stems) unless there is consent from our label.

How to submit:

This brass is up to something good!

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

The Sunshine Collective’s latest ralease “She’s up to something good” really brings out the sunshine. This is not your usual kid’s song is either a grown-up-song kids like, or a kids song that has grown up. Its superhero-y vibe is great and the arrangement using live brass and strings brings out the retro vibe in the song. Highly recommended! You can also see shots from our studio in the song!

If you own a server/wesite? You can send huge files quickly and freely

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

You know the problem. You have lots of largish files that don’t fit in an email. You need to do this a few times a day and it gets tedious.

I spend each day sending a lot of files (mostly audio tracks and stems) and find myself repeating the process of
1. copying files
2. zipping files
3. putting file somewhere
4. sending a link to that somewhere to someone

Yes sendspace, dropbox, gobbler and other such services are very nice, but cost money.
I ended up creating “Senderella” – a PHP script that takes care of the whole mess in one fell-swoop of a page.
And the beauty of it, that it is free for non-commercial use under the MIT license. (There is an error in the image).

Here is a screenshot:
Senderella screenshop

This script has considerably reduced my workload and dread of releasing tracks :)

You can check it out here

ZEDD ft. Selena Gomez “I Want You To Know” Star Wars Remix

Sunday, May 17th, 2015


In a previous blog post we announced a new remix of “I want you to know”.

After a few suggestions we decided to attempt to combine the Star Wars Imperial March (A.K.A. The Darth Vader March) into the remix and came up with a completely mad new rendition of the whole thing. If you enjoy brass, Selina Gomez, Star Wars, and wacky videos – this one is for you!

New ZEDD ft Selena Gomez “I Want You To Know” remix

Thursday, May 7th, 2015


We created a really really cool new remix of Selena Gomez’s “I Want You To Know” (did I say really really Cool)
with a live brass band replacing the electronic backing.
Its six trombones, two bass trombones, eight trumpets, four cornets, four euphoniums, three tubas, two bass trumpets, four french horns, live snares, bass drums and cymbals.
I know there are other remixes out there, but I hope this one stands out, as I tried to give it a completely fresh angle. I think Selena’s voice meshes with the brass so nicely. Maybe we can do an original take of a new song one day!



The Making of Jay Z’s “Somewhere in America”

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Haven’t posted in a while, too many exciting musical projects. In this picture I am prepping to record the Trombone solo that can be heard on the song “Somewhere in America”. The final take was done on a rare 1960s conn 20H and dialed in with the (music genius and world’s foremost pop/loop/hiphop/younameit  producer/engineer) Ken Lewis. The pBone sounded quite good. It excels in getting that “dry jazz” sound, and for the final result we wanted something more “meaty”. The 1951 Conn 20H is one of the last small (shall we say tiny) bore horns made before everyone made the final switch to the medium and large bore horns. The pBone which is made of 99% plastic has a surprisingly good sound!

Twerk, yeah, ugh-huh
Twerk, Miley, Miley, Miley
Only in America

Two new holiday singles and a hurricane

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

A Merry Channuka to y’all!



 Laura Jeanne The Bells Ring Out


Los Angeles-based SUNSHINE COLLECTIVE have just released their contribution to the sonic holiday landscape with a new song called The City That Forgot to Snow. and is available on iTunes (get it here). It is a really lightweight bubbly and fun song full of many colors. I really hope people will like it. Multi-Talented songwriter Brian Arbuckle teamed up with wife Stephanie Richards to created a truly magical soundscape.  We suppose to start recording but then hurricane Sandy hit. The next day Erin and I decided to go out and see first hand the effects. Although at the time most of the devastated areas were closed, we managed to reach Amity Harbor and see first hand the destruction. Here is a picture of  what was left of a beach front house (click to enlarge):

Amity Harbor after Superstorm Sandy

 Ron Bertolet recorded the saxes on Thursday night from 1 to 3 a.m. due to gasoline shortage at the time.  At Brian’s request we also videoed the session, as he wanted to use it in the video. A few days later a huge Nor’easter struck and lemme tell ya, this city did remember to snow. Making the mandatory snowman with the kids, I had an inspirational moment. My son helped me drag the horns out into the snow, and we shot various snow videos to go along with the song, so check out the video!


LJ JumpsSome of you who follow this blog may remember talented Singer/songwrited Laura Jeanne.  Laura was discovered by Budweiser last year in the TV show The Big Time.  A few weeks ago we started experimenting with an idea she had for a holiday song. Originally intended to voice strings and piano, as a small offering for fans, it matured into a full fledged single named “Bells Ring Out (At Christmas Time)” which is now available through iTunes (get it here). I created the midi track and then recorded live strings and horns. We refined the vocal tracks, and the final tracks and vocals were further mixed and mastered by Mark Bishop of Universal music, UK. I think we captured the song spirit, with transparent strings, and glowing colors complementing Laura’s incredible voice. Visit her fan page on facebook!




Skyping-in on the recording session. With a spot of tea.

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Erin took this really snazzy (lets bring that word back) picture of Ron Bertolet blowing his selmer sax while Paul Bennet is sipping. Paul was the bassist of the 1970s English band MAZARIBA which disbanded in the late ’70s and has recently reunited and are working on releasing their reunion album. Although these days Paul lives on Long Island, NY, I hear drinking tea on whilst listening with studio headphones on Skype is a British passtime. Incidentally the saxophone is a rare “Low E” model alto which has a deeper tone due to it’s extra length. Most saxophones have two low note keys, this one has three.

NewYorkBrass on Mars

Monday, August 6th, 2012
NewYorkBrass on Mars by NewYorkBrass
NewYorkBrass on Mars, a photo by NewYorkBrass on Flickr.

Curiosity rover discovers life on mars.

Fun with Bashar Al-Assad

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
Bashar is having fun by NewYorkBrass
Bashar is having fun, a photo by NewYorkBrass on Flickr.

Reading this post in the huffington post I realized that we are all left out of the wonderful fun of the SGPD (Syrian Government Photoshop Department). This is an attempt to rectify this. Included in this set is also a DIY version that allows you to join the fun, and create your own image!

The Reality TV people got this one right.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Hello 2012! We’re almost 21 days in to the new year. Have you worn out all options for entertainment this coming Saturday? I hear it’s going to be a cold one, and you’re probably going to stay inside. If so, ABC is premiering some top performers on a new show “Bud United Presents: “The Big Time.”  This is good  stuff.

OK I have a bias, but it’s trustworthy. Viewers of The Big Time will have a chance to sample the dynamic songs of one Laura Jeanne who I had the pleasure of working with on her debut single Coincidence, back in November. In respect to her engaging personal qualities as well as her full-bodied mezzo tone, this is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter you won’t want to miss.

For Laura Jeanne who was chosen as one of 3 finalists, her participation on The Big Time is clearly a labor of love.

ABC has not announced whether this episode will be available to watch on-line later. So dust off your TiVo or have the in-laws take the kids for a few hours.

Who: British singer/songwriter Laura Jeanne

What: ABC’s Bud United Presents: “The Big Time

When: Saturday, January 21st at 3pm EST


Dubby, jazzy, housey, techy, indie, blues & funky … 2011 was all this and more

Friday, January 13th, 2012

There are so many occasions to show gratitude. And yet, there are millions of times when I do not express it enough. Thank you! Thank you all for a great year!

Thanks for a great 2011 everybody!

2011 Rocked!

Thanks again to Jim Allchin Ron Abel Michael Amante Ruslan Agababayev Yitzy Bald Andreas Bärtels Amir Ben-Haim Johnny Berman Brenda Balasz-Beylek Amir Benhaim Dori Ben Ze’ev Ron Bertolet Yerachmiel Bigun Justin “Just Blaze” Smith Tal B.R. Yanki Briskman Yochi Briskman Suri Brody Walter & Blue tha Engineer at Brown Sugar Studios Jean Carter Teddy Charles Shlomi Cohen Shloime Saul Stern Dachs Dad Barry Dallman Nydia Davila Def Jam Phil DeGorter Don Downs David Eastman Yoni Eliav Nir Erez Marissa Famiglietti Mike Ficco & the Long Island Jazz Orchestra Freilach Orchestra Ian Freitor Avremi G. Jacob Garchik Linda Garrity Charlie Gordon Mark A. Gatz Brian Gelfand Gal Gershovsky Moshe Ginsberg Tony Gorruso Zino Groenewegen Cliff Haywood Mendy Hershkowitz Zuben Mehta & the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Brian J. of the Pimps of Joytime Laura Jeanne Joseph Kaminski Kris Kasanova Terry Keevil Karen Kelly Charles Kiger Ron Ben-Haim Ray Kilday Israel Lamm Eli Laufer Moshe Laufer Gideon Levine Gabriella Lewis Ken Lewis Lex à Her Majesty’s Sound Kjetil Linnes Shahar Livne Steve Lynch The Maccabeats Maybach Music Bonnie McAlvin Stone McEwan Jeremy Miloszewicz Marco Meister Miami Boys Choir Mom Tony Eli Lishinsky Tony Montalbo Gershy Moskowitz Danielle Morandini Bizu Riki Mullu Avi Newmark Shai Nissenboim OdessMama Marco Panascia Yehoshua Pasternak Yehuda Piamente Michael Pruzansky Kenny Rampton Leib Reigler Mathias Roska Mona Rosenblum Rick Ross Dalit Segal Yosef Chaim Shwekey Lipa Schmeltzer Naftali Schnitzler Jerry Sokolov Soulfarm StadiumRed Studios Stewart Taylor Yosi Teaberg Dave Trigg Vignir Vigfusson Murry R.Kahn and the West Islip Symphony Wily Bo Walker Kanye West and Avrum Zamist!

From all of us here at New York Brass!


Danny & Dalit February 2011Bathysphere tuesdayMarch 13, 2011 | The West Islip Symphony Orchestra paid homage to St. Patrick's DayTony Gorruso and his Foot LuteTemptationDIY - see-thru drums!Rick Ross, Self Made | Best horns in the city! @NewYorkBrassFour key metrics to a working orchestraProducer Mathias Roska & Co. at The Village UndergroundWith soprano Marissa FamigliettiProducer Justin "Just Blaze" Smith8 Channel Pye T.V.T. Recording/Summing ConsoleGot Sousaphone?An awesome wind is winded with New York BrassRecording Gabriella Lewis at homeWhich way to Sherwood Forest?TromboniumCover to a new singleUnits of FlamBison BurgersThanks Barry!"Hi Erin"Gal GershovskyArranger & Conductor Yoeli DikmanRehearsing with trumpeters (L to R) Joseph Kaminski, Tony Gorruso, Jerry Sokolov & Shlomi Cohen on Sax.Bizu Riki MulluReggie WattsSean FlanneryWorld Trade Center 1Harps!What happens when the percussion section isn't lookingDaniele Morandini - metal headSit. Stay.Bad to the Bone in the ITA!Happy FDT!Turning a 27 MHz or 49 MHz RC Car into a arduino controlled robotTa da!!With NolanMy niece5 Bar licks with Ron Bertolet and Dave TriggNew York Brass doing the final mixdown with Brian J.HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!


Converting a 49MHz toy car into a robot

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Turning a 27 MHz or 49 MHz RC Car into a arduino controlled robot

I posted my first instructable today.

check it out here:

Bras not Brass.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011
National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011
National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011
National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011Black Tuesday - National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning 2011

National Wholesale Liquidators reopened in West Hempstead. Nothing to do with brass … I love this store! I always love buying my $2.99 extesion chord while getting milk. And don’t forget your 2 car jacks for the price of one. Need 50 lightbulbs and christmas lights in July? This where you go. Shampoo for you ceiling? Someone thought its a good idea to make an automated shnitzel cooker out of cardboard? And the book section is awesome too – If you were wondering where the Word ’97 for dummies book went – this place is for you! And bookshelves. Lots of bookshelves. Probably the best place to go to get Sauder bookshelves. In order to “get there before everyone shows up” I decided to beat the crowd and go early. Apparently, I live in a telepathic neighborhood because everyone and his wife showed up. Families of vooloohoos (which are according to a famous hitch-hiking book source is a super-intelligent shade of the color blue), and mythical creatures all took off a day of work and managed to somehow arrive before I did. The line went around the block. And people were asking “Are they giving out anything for free?”

I started a conversation with, National Liquidator Director of Security Phil DeGorter (in Lon Gilandeze it’s pronounced “De-Gauww-du”) . He told me that people have been calling them up since 2008 and asking to reopen this store. I am happy they complied, and Phil made sure it all went smoothly for the mobs of people that showed up.
Unfortunately Phil did not see his shadow today and we are going to have to wait until April for spring.

Schoenberg’s Immense Gurrelieder by Monumentally Awesome

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Schoenberg's Gurrelieder with Maestro Zubin Mehta

I got a call to play alto trombone with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. They are performing Gurrelieder by the composer Arnold Schoenberg. I expected to be playing a modern piece. But to my surprise it turned out to be a post-romantic mega composition that is performed by 131 musicians on stage and a 300 strong choir and soloists. To give you a sonic picture, here is a video from the finale of the dress rehearsal, where you can hear the alto trombone soaring above the whole orchestra:

Immense right? For me it is like closing a circle – My father sang with the choir in 1974 – the last time it was performed in Tel-Aviv! I was asked to play the alto trombone part, as I specialize in this instrument. There are 7 trombone parts in the piece: 1 alto, 1 tenor, 4 tenor/bass trombones and a contrabass trombone(!!). If you count in the bass trumpet and tuba – you have 9 low brass players! Although the part itself is sparse – the alto trombone’s job is to cut through the sound mass at the mid-range frequencies – and can be heard above the orchestra in the above recording.

There are a few perks to the job, namely I get to sit sandwiched between the principal trumpet, principal tenor trombone, principal french horn player, the bass trombone section, and get the play louder than all of them with a solo line that carries over the orchestra at the climactic end. I love brass, and I love sitting next to the great New-York players screaming their heads off with their trumpets and trombones in the studio – so imagine the power of 4 trumpets, a bass trumpet, 11 french horns (4 play Wagner tubas), 7 trombones including alto and a contrabass trombone – we had to get a special drone to do the job:

Schoenberg's Gurrelieder with Maestro Zubin Mehta

Just to get a small sonic picture here is a clip I picked up with my camera:

The section at the philharmonic this year is phenomenal, probably one of the best classical brass sections in the world today. Principal trombone player Danielle Morandini is being lent to the New York Philharmonic for next year’s season, so you will have a chance to hear him here. It is my understanding that the principal trumpet player Yigal Meltzer and Danielle are working on an disk. I can’t wait to hear it! Assistant principal Eran Reemi who played with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has launched a conducting career and I will interview him here at some point in the near future. Here is another clip I picked up with my cellphone. Alas the quality isn’t too good but you get the picture

here are a few more picture:

Danielle morandini is bored and decided to eat Yigal’s piccolo trumpet.


This is the view from my chair! We sit so far away – we need to communicate with the Maestro through shouting. The young blood playing in the some of the lower chairs have been having too much fun. Yesterday I was standing on stage all the way in the back, I turned around, only to see Maestro Mehta standing behind me, he looked at us and said – “The guys on the lower chairs need play LESS!”. Come on… who in their right mind would want less bass trombone?

view from my chair

First concert is tonight and it is going to be an experience of a lifetime!

Schoenberg's Gurrelieder with Maestro Zubin Mehta

The Bad Dogs to play L’entrepôt

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
Last year I did some brass work on The Bad Dogs’ self-titled debut EP. This interesting R&B/ pop group consists of the very young French singers Mathilda Buzaré and Marie Niquet, who occasionally perform covers as well as original songs with Marie’s father Jean-Christophe. That will be the case this Friday night when they open for the très très rock’n’soul Head Shakers at L’Entrepôt (i.e. “The Warehouse”) located at 7 rue Francis de Pressensé, 75014 in lovely Paris. Cool poster, no?


If you’re like me and happen to be too busy with work and car-pooling etc. to zip off to Paris for The Bad Dogs’ Tween-heavy show,  this video should whet your interest. So cuuuuuute. (Eat your heart out, Justin Bieber!)



The goal for the album was to create a nu-funk retro sound, and recreate the original brass vibe of the 60s, using ribbon microphones microphone placement and playing style – (a little less clean but more’funky) . The horn section consisted of  1 or 2 trumpets, trombone, alto/tenor and bari saxophones. The arrangements range from replaying original licks on some of the song to actually writing  fully new arrangements.

LISTEN TO THE ALBUM HERE: and if you like it – help out young artists by buying their music!

Tal Herzberg, farewell friend!

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Tal Herzberg & Ms. Gaga – one of the many notables he produced

Goodbye Friend!

It is a sad day for music. It is a sad day for me. Tal Herzberg was a producer, engineer, programmer, bass player, Grammy-nominee and also my friend. A very short time ago, Tal was discovered to have cancer – liver cancer most likely.

We played together in the Israeli Air Force Orchestra during our compulsory national service. Tal was a bassist and sat to my left. We once assembled on the tarmac to play welcoming music for visiting dignitaries, and I remember the sun glinting off of Tal’s head in the afternoon heat. Yeah, even as a 19-year old he had the tough Bruce Willis bald look going on.  Active duty in the military is no picnic, even for the lucky ones like us who were assigned to band duty.  Tal was referred to as “the union boss” during those years because he looked out for our welfare; he wasn’t afraid to approach our crazy C.O. to advocate for our dignity and the other essentials – such as more water.

He told the funniest, dirtiest jokes too, and in general he kept our spirits up during the toughest times.

Tal emigrated to the US in 1992 and he loved his life in Los Angeles.  Before taking the plung into engineering and producing some of today’s top artists, he was full-time employee of  a company called Waves, and worked hard demoing their audio products throughout the industry. I’m kind of in a fog right now. We spoke less than two weeks ago, and I keep asking myself: “Are you sure he’s dead? Maybe this is a hoax.” Many people spend their lives running after the material world, Tal dedicated himself to music. Moments like these, put life in perspective – His life has been cut short,  but his achievements are more than many people dream of. His death is not only a personal loss, it is a tragic loss to his close family, and it is a loss to the music world.

It is ironic and sad to note that on this very day, here in the U.S.A, the national cancer research budget has been greatly reduced. I’m making a donation to cancer research in Tal’s name and I encourage everybodoy to give what they can.