Steph Newton – Outta My Depth

April 18th, 2010

R&B recording artist Steph Newton incorporated samples from our totally awesome free sample collection in a recent song “Outta My Depth.” You can find this track on her new EP ‘Everything You Need’.  Sounds great!

Have you used any free samples in songs? Tell us about it!

Listen to Steph Newton here:

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V-Drums Rock and Shuffle Demo

April 17th, 2010

This is a follow-up post to the article on Gal’s V Drums . After many emails I am posting a demo of his latest rock and rock shuffle demo medely:

Gal Gershovsky V-Drum Demo

It’s worth listening to the whole clip from beginning to end. Also listen to how deep and clear the drums sound, this is in part due to the incredible hardware and software design.

All these drum grooves are taken from actual songs that Gal recorded, the sound is not mixed, and is “straight from the board…”

Song Index:
00:00 – 00:21 – medium slow rock groove – tempo 70
00:21 – 00:33 – medium slow rock groove with a flam on the X stick – tempo 81
00:33 – 00:53 – medium slow rock groove with shuffle feel- tempo 78
00:53 – 01:17 – medium streigh a head rock – tempo 127
01:17 – 02:08 – half time slow rock with a shuffle feel turns into double time – tempo 120
02:09 – 02:34 – light rock with 16 feel ghost notes on the snare  – tempo 104
02:35 – 03:15 – medium slow rock groove – tempo 86

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New Business Cards Have Arrived!

April 16th, 2010

Just a quick post to say that our new business card arrived.  :)

When I started the design, I knew I wanted something that I could give out containing all the contact information people need, but I also wanted it to complement the website theme. Version #1 had emails and telephones. Version #2 had also “ brass, strings, woodwinds, rhythm sections and kichen sinks”

Then it hit me, and this is what I came up with:


Simple! It allows our musicians to give out the cards and write on the back their personal or other information.

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Maestro Zubin Mehta endorses and participates in a NewYorkBrass production

April 4th, 2010

Maestro Zubin Mehta signing newyorkbrass classikids book Zubin Mehta recently endorsed and collaborated on a really cool interactive classical music children’s book, which is in the final stages of production and QA and will be available in stores across the globe starting in July.

About a year ago we have been approached to help arrange music for an interactive classical music children’s book, by Amit Sopher of, who produces interactive books for children. Amit developed a very interesting electronic platform that plays 10 minutes of high quality mp3 on a surprisingly good speaker.

To kick off the project, I contacted the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s personnel manager – Mr. Stewart Taylor. Mr. Taylor is my teacher, mentor, and close friend, and was played principal trombone for many years.  He suggested talking to another friend – Mr. Yaacov Mishori. Mishori, now retired, served as principal horn player of the IPO, as IPO spokesman and was a member of the management. Mishori has written other books and today teaches at the Buchmann-Mehta High School and presents a weekly radio program.


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  1. Maragaret Weikal says:

    Thanks a bunch! That was really informational, I just saved your website.

  2. Keasley says:

    Hoi! Zeer handig artikel, Jammer genoeg is mijn engels alleen erg slecht.

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New Two-Year-Old Brass Talent

April 1st, 2010

About a year ago my (then) two year old daughter Maya came to the studio and decided to try out the trombone, sorry trumpet (“No Maya, It’s a trumpet” “yes trumpet”) .

I was shure she wont get any sound out of this, I was wrong, she has a natural talent for waking up the neighbors and reducing the real estate prices in the neighborhood. Apparantly, in the video, she suddenly decided to betray the family-business, and try the flute… to my great chagrin…

I videod it with my phone and forgot about it. Last week my memory card in my phone got filled up, and during the cleaning-up process, I found this cute clip:


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  1. Zigmars says:

    We worked together on song “My Religion is Freedom”
    Awesome! When song was relised, every musician asked me “Who play drums and brass? We hear -it is not sampler. Who in Latvia can play like this?”, and I proudly said :-) , be smart, use WWW and musical surprise will be at next day!!! . Cooperation whith Daniel and Gal is one of my best musical experience .

  2. newyorkbrass says:

    I added the plugin and links above in the “share and enjoy”

  3. Estelle Azzopardi says:

    I absolutely enjoyed all of your instructions. I would love to thank you for getting the time to write this blog. But I just have one question; do you have an RSS Feed I can subscribe to? Please let me know. Thanks a lot.

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Amazing V-Drums on our new Flickr account

March 31st, 2010
We decided to put up a flickr photostream to track interesting things we are involved in.

To kick it off, the first set is Gal Gershovsky’s upgraded Roland VDrum kit – the latest and greatest, souped up cymbals and great overall sound.

some pics:



5 Responses to “Amazing V-Drums on our new Flickr account”

  1. newyorkbrass says:

    Thank you so much for the compliment Ms. Hill.

  2. Janet Hill says:

    I know it’s a little old but I found your post very informative.

  3. […] is a folow up post to the article on Gal’s V Drums . After many emails I am posting a demo of his latest rock and rock shuffle demo […]

  4. newyorkbrass says:

    Zigmars is a composer and keyboardist with 40 years of stage experience. Between 1993-2007 he was bigest radio owner in Latvia and owned 3 national networks. One month before sub-prime crisis in US in 2007 he sold his business to Irish company (In his words “do you believe in God?”)

  5. Hi!

    All this is finally behind! Best part was colaboration with YOU! Awesome!

    Tv picture is unbelievable poor and don’t reflect truth.
    You never believe me. Loosing, I saved money. Oslo is most expensve city in a world. Simple double in midclass hotel is around 400 usd per night. For 2 weeks with teem of 12….!!!!

    Anyway couple of nice words:
    Awesome job! When song was released, every musician asked me “Who play drums and brass? We hear -it is not sampler. Who in Latvia can play like this?”, and I proudly said :-) , be smart use WWW and musical surprise will be next day!!! . Cooperation with you and Gal is one of my best musical experience .

    I’m traveling a lot. After all this eurofiction, me and my wife went on long vacation, and now I’m working on my next project.


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Ring ring … Hello? Pomegranate?

March 18th, 2010

We had a great time back in December recording the brass used in the commercial for the Brooklyn-based supermarket chain Pomegranate. (See below). Notable composer Yossi Green authored the basic track, Eli Lishinsky (platinum producer – Mary J Blige) arranged it in MIDI, and then it was shipped to Yours Truly at for final brass arrangement before laying down the vocals.

You know how you catch yourself humming and/or outright singing jingles and songs from TV and radio as you go about your day? This is something I do all the time,  usually with client songs :) … and yesterday I realized that the Pomegranate jingle has been the looping in my head for the past few months…

Here’s the portion without the vocals that I’ve been humming to myself:

Pomegranate NewYorkBrass Ringtone.mp3


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Nolan Jackson, EvanAL and NewYorkBrass….

March 12th, 2010

Last year we recorded Lipa Shmeltzer’a “A Pushiter Yid” album. One of the songs is called “Asher yotzar” and has become a huge hit better known as “Binyan Aday AD”. This song was produced by Eli (Ilya) Lishinsky who has under his belt (among other things) a platinum album with Mary J Blige. For those of you who don’t know Lipa is considerered the Jewish Michael Jackson. (Yes I know Michael is dead, but can u think of anyone else?  “He is the Jay Z of the Jewish world” Doesnt sound the same now does it… And anyway Michael is no longer recording brass… lol…)


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My Ribbon Microphone

February 24th, 2010

Here is a repost of my article from gearslutz


Ok so i had a MXL 770 i stopped using ages ago, a Neve BA283AM module clone lying around, Sowter 8074 transformer and a very nice sounding NADY ribbon motor. A friend was telling me about the royer 122 with its impedance matching circuitry and suddenly it hit me.

Why not build a ribbon mic with its very own built in Neve preamplifier and see what happens…


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  1. […] Our ‘phlumping’ phat oval brass-tones were captured primarily using several ribbon microphones including a Royer-122, Octavia ML52 and my kick-ass custom designed one. […]

  2. newyorkbrass says:

    Thanks for the warm words!

  3. Everytime when i need Brass, i call them !!! It´s for me always the best Studio Brass Section in the world. Super service, fast and a pleasure to work with. sorry for my bad english 😉

  4. Danny says:

    Comeon dad, there must be something u can mic :)

  5. shlomo flam says:

    the aricle is very professional, but at the present i doubt that i’ll make any use of it.

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Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of these?

February 14th, 2010


A. Where can I get one?

B. Anyone have info on who what when where this photo was taken? Awesomeness….

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Sir Paul McCartney and Tony Gorruso

February 14th, 2010

Tony Gorruso and Sir Paul McCartny

Hey I think this is a cool pic! Tony Gorruso was recording for James McCartney’s upcoming CD.  Sir Paul was there assisting/co producing the production. The session was at the famous Avatar Studios at 441 W. 53rd Street in Manhattan and Rick Depofi did the horn arrangements. 

 At the intermission Tony asked if he could have his picture taken. He was lucky – seems Sir Paul tries to avoid taking pictures with the comoners. :) Now I need a picture like that too.

One Response to “Sir Paul McCartney and Tony Gorruso”

  1. SALLIEHENRY says:

    I had got a dream to start my own company, but I didn’t have got enough of money to do that. Thank God my mate advised to take the business loans. Therefore I took the small business loan and realized my dream.

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Cenovia Cummins in Julie and Julia

February 4th, 2010


Meryl Streep waiting for the wedding scene to be filmed...

Meryl Streep waiting for the wedding scene to be filmed…


Here is an email I got from Cenovia Cummins whom is one of our favorite violin soloists and leaders when we record string sections: 

Sorry for the shameless promotion but, I’m very excited to say that my two violin solos made it into the just released Nora Ephron film,  Julie and Julia.  Oddly my name made it into the credits for appearing in the film (which wound up on the cutting room floor) and in the orchestra credits but not for the solo instrumental track which is also on the album(!?)
Anyway go see it if you are a Meryl Streep fan or a foodie… it’s lots of fun.



Cenovia and Max Moston

Cenovia and Max Moston in "Julie and Julia"

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