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Sunday, September 27th, 2015


As you already know – our squad has recorded brass with the best. Kanye, Jay Z, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, Queen Latifah , Andreas Gabalier, Wily Bo Walker, TV shows, many many other indie artists. This is your chance to show us what you can do with our brass track!

What we have here is a naked live brass fanfare, with no backing track. The original BPM is 105.

Click on image to go to soundcloud page and download the file.

Anything goes – be creative – Speed it up, Slow it down, RAP to it, Trap it, make it reggae or EDM or hip-hop or classical, add lyrics, mash it up or down, chop slide and dice.
Example Remix:

Prize: $150. and a trombone. We will also actively promote it on the web, and shop it around to our major clients/producers worldwide.


  • Tracks are due by end of day Dec, 1st, 2015 EST.
  • At end of mix contest all the remixes will be ranked based on listens on (non-fake listens. We can detect proxies, and cheaters will be disqualified).
  • We guarantee that we will listen the top 50 tracks.
  • We will determine the winner at our discretion.

Copyright, ownership etc: Anything (including lyrics) submitted (including source stems) would be considered a new composition and will be 55% owned by our record label, and 45% by the composer/mixer.
The tracks will be considered published by our record Label, and copyright for winning track will be registered with organizations such as Library of congress and BMI and/or others . We will also actively promote it on the web, and shop it around to our major clients/producers worldwide.

By submitting to the contest the submitter and/or composer agree to a 5 year non-re-record/non-compete agreement of any part of composition (including stems) unless there is consent from our label.

How to submit:

The Making of Jay Z’s “Somewhere in America”

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Haven’t posted in a while, too many exciting musical projects. In this picture I am prepping to record the Trombone solo that can be heard on the song “Somewhere in America”. The final take was done on a rare 1960s conn 20H and dialed in with the (music genius and world’s foremost pop/loop/hiphop/younameit  producer/engineer) Ken Lewis. The pBone sounded quite good. It excels in getting that “dry jazz” sound, and for the final result we wanted something more “meaty”. The 1951 Conn 20H is one of the last small (shall we say tiny) bore horns made before everyone made the final switch to the medium and large bore horns. The pBone which is made of 99% plastic has a surprisingly good sound!

Twerk, yeah, ugh-huh
Twerk, Miley, Miley, Miley
Only in America